Goodbye to Holland! / Party Saturday 27th of August.

Just about one year ago I gave my housewarming party. Now already
I’m leaving the house and giving a goodbye party! Of course, I’m
not just leaving my house – I’m also leaving Groningen and Holland (for
an unlimited time period even!). So, if I ever needed an excuse to have
a party with my friends, this surely is it :-) So, I’m inviting family,
friends and anybody else who wants to drop by. So yes, YOU are invited!
On the party there will be a campfire for warming the body and
(hopefully) some guitarmusic for the soul. The rest is up to you, my

Time: Drop by around, before or after 21.00 on Saturday the 27th :-)
What to bring: It’s appreciated if you bring some drinks or food.
Presents: Please no! What would be the use after I’ve just sold everything except my backpack?
Who: You, your partner & everybody who should have been invited, but I somehow forgot.

Before I get asked a thousand times, I better answer the following question :-)
What I will be doing after the 2nd of September:
I’ll do some relaxing for a couple of days in Leeuwarden, perhaps take a
sauna, read a good book and spent some time with close friends. Then
I’ll go somewhere where there’s sun and the people are friendly.
(Shouldn’t be to difficult, right?) Also I need to arrange some things
like getting my paintings back from the ‘wijkcentrum’ and arranging
some insurance. That’s all, I hope the answer is satisfying..

For the people outside of Groningen:
If you come, don’t forget to visit the big Theatre&Crossover festival
‘Noorderzon’! The weekend of the 26th to 28th is the last weekend of
this 10 day festival. The atmosphere on Noorderzon is always quite good
and there will be many interesting acts (there’ll be movies, dancing, theatre, etc.). You can find the program on Activities and concerts cost between 0 and 16 euros. So even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money you can still have a nice time there..
By the way, there’s plenty of space to crash. Just bring a sleeping bag.

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3 Responses to Goodbye to Holland! / Party Saturday 27th of August.

  1. Bert says:

    Saw your link at Hillie´s web-log
    I wish you lots of fun and good luck.

  2. Wouter says:

    Prima layout zo.. Ultra simpel, alles leesbaar zonder bril :)
    Images, who needs them!

  3. Gerard says:

    In admiration of a true explorer, have a great time and enjoy each day, that you encounter. I hope that your journey through-out the world will give you the prespective you need to find your goal in your live! If your decide to go to Portugal, you are more than welcome.For now;”Carpe Diem” and I hope to see you soon in the near future!

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