Things for sale!

Trying to fit the contents of your house into your backpack really
doesn’t work! That’s why I’m selling (almost) everything I own.

    Things for sale

  • Washing machine, stove, etc.
  • Lots of furniture
  • Plants
  • Cd’s (from classic to punk)
  • Books (from philosophy to massage lessons)
  • Gardening equipment
  • Outdoor equipment (climbing shoes etc.)And much, much more! Here’s the entire list:

mobile phone, preferably a simple model
(lightweight, water- & shockproof is optional :-)

Things for sale
Here follows the big list of things I don’t need. Everything what’s still
left after the 29th of August will get a nice new life at the local
secondhandshop. If you see something you like, email me!

Kitchen equipment
washing machine
brand Ignis, AWL 386, 1000rpm, about 3 years old
80 euro No more washing machines left!
25 euro Sold!
stove (gasstel, inclusief gasslang)
15 euro

wooden office desk (‘een houten bureau’)
afmetingen: 1m40 breed, 73cm hoog, 65cm diep
20 euro
wooden office chair
fits nicely by the above item..
5 euro
for 2 persons, colored gray
7 euro Sold!
small wooden (dinner)table
height 77cm,width 65cm, length 90cm
12,50 euro Sold to ID!
verijdbaar, blad: 115*65cm, hoogte 43cm
7 euro
smalle closet
7 euro Sold!
large wardrobe
met schuifdeuren, 171cm hoog, 98cm breed, 59cm diep
12 euro
klein bruin ladenkastje
op wieltjes, 66cm hoog, 48cm breed, 39cm diep
11 euro Sold!
klein rood meubelstuk
nuttig voor stereotoren o.i.d., hoogte 30cm, breedte 59cm, diepte 30cm
2 euro
4*classic chairs
2 euro per piece Only 2 left
red lamp with 3 spots
7 euro
Office desk lamp (een burolamp dus)
3 euro
3 Xenos rijstpapierlampen + ophanging
4 euro
sfeerlamp voor op tafel
2 euro Sold!
I’ve got heavy and light, dark and colourful curtains.
Just contact me for details. Only light & colourful curtains are left

CD’s & books
2 * DVD/CD booklet for 48 cd’s +11 cd’s for burning
5 euro Sold
The following cd’s are all 3 euro (except those that are cheaper :-)
Punk cd’s:
Shelter‚ – Mantra
Pennywise‚ -‚ The full circle
Bad Religion‚ – The gray race
Offspring – Smash
Classical cd’s
Romantic classics 1 euro Sold to HS
Missa KV 167 1 euro Sold!
Klassieken van Leffe 1 euro Sold!
Rock/metal cd’s
Live‚ -‚ Throwing Copper Sold to HJ
The Gathering‚ – Nighttime birds Also gone already…
Black Sabbath‚ – Between heaven and hell (1970-1983) Sold!
Paradise Lost‚ – one second, Sold!
Within Temptation‚ – mother earth Gone…
Pearl Jam‚ – Vitalogy
Bush‚ – Sixteen stone Sold!
ACDC‚ – Ballbreaker Sold!
Theraphy?‚ – Loose (single) 1 euro
Sepultura‚ – Roots bloody roots (single) 1 euro Sold!
Easy listening cd’s
Sane Insanity‚ -‚ untitled single 1 euro No more left..
REM‚ – Automatic for the people Sold!
Die nemen we mee‚ – de 20e eeuw in 20 liedjes: 1 euro One more which is already sold!
Books (all 5 euro except where noted otherwise)
Philosophy books
Wittgenstein‚ – filosofische beschouwingen Gone!
A guide through the theory of knowledge Gone!
Matter and conciousness Gone!
Stephen Hawking‚ – Het heelal Sold!
Being there‚ – Putting brain, body and world together again Sold!
Artificial Intelligence books
Werkboek inleiding kennistechnologie 2 euro
Philosophy of mind 8 euro Sold!
Dictaat Voortgezette Logica 2 euro
Architecturen voor intelligentie: literatuurklapper en tutorialklapper: 2 euro
Various Dutch books
Massage voor iedereen Somebody bought this…
Boeken als gids door het labyrinth van het leven: 2 euro … and this
Op niveau taalvaardig (vaardigheden Nederlandse taal 5/6 VWO)

ras onbekend, zit in grote pot
3 euro
kamerplant – Monstrosa Deliciosa?
brede plant met mooie grote bladeren in mooie Intratuin pot
5 euro Sold
volwassen groene kamerplant
2 meter 10 hoog!
12,50 euro

Various stuff
anti-allergic matras
lenght 210, width 0.90
35 euro
classic(wooden) design from Sony
7 euro Went to HJ
5 euro Sold!
2 stuks
3 euro
grote fotolijsten
formaat 21*30cm, 3 stuks
4 euro totaal
size 28cm*72cm
3 euro
4 euro
philips scheerapparaat
4 euro Gone!
zomer + winter
7,- euro Gone!
dik winterdekbed
5 euro
vacuum cleaner
size is smaller as standard (which is usefull for cleaning stairs etc.)
15 euro Sold!

Small kitchen things
4 euro
small trashbin (gevlochten)
1 euro
dweil, dweilemmer, kamerbezem, veger&blik
(+ grote & exclusieve sortering schoonmaakmiddelen)
5 euro
3 euro
2 pans
2 euro
frying pan
3 euro Gone already!
6 plates
2 euros

Garden equipment
grasmaaier + grasschaar + hark
4 euro Sold!
2 euro
2 euro
legerhangmat + tuinfakkel
+ fles tuinfakkelbrandstof
3 euro Sold!
2 euro Sold!
2 terrace chairs
complete with pillows
4 euro a piece Sold already!

Outdoor sports
climbing shoes
size 8 (UK), quite new except for damage on front of one shoe
9 euro
primitive ESBIT stove
4 euro
Brooks running shoes
slightly used, size 43 (Europe)
20 euro !Gone!
ice skates
brand Viking, size 41, very slightly used
20 euro
zijvakken voor rugzak
5-10 liter elk + extra borstvak (voor fototoestel o.i.d.)
6 euro
handig bij je poncho!
4 euro Someone took it..
surfing socks
size XL
5 euro

Scouting collectables
I still have to sort my Scouting collectables, but this is about what I’ll be selling:
*‚ +/- 100-300 different nametags (?naambandjes? in Dutch)
*‚ tens of World Jamboree 1995 badges
*‚ 2 different photobooks of the World Jamboree 1995
*‚ lots of other random assorted badges & nametags (old insignias for example)

Magic cards
I played magic somewhat over a decade ago and I spent way too much money
on it. Now I’m finally trying to get some of this investment back :-)
If you’re interested in buying 1000 to 1100 magic cards not to
expensive cards (mostly Revised/4th edition), you’re welcome to contact

Final notice
For those who noticed; yes, you’re right, my guitar is not for sale! I’ve decided to keep some music in my life :-) Actually I’m now even looking to buy another musical
instrument. Ever since my Russian friends brought some drums into my house I can’t get the urge to start drumming out of my head..

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4 Responses to Things for sale!

  1. Catrin (from Russia) says:

    Hey Jurgen!

    Great news from you! I´m glad to know that your dream is coming true, though I can´t believe you leave your lovely garden :-) Hope you´ll visit us in Russia soon, maybe in winter to try skiing???

    By the way, I´d REALLY like to get some books of yours:
    1) Wittgenstein, filosofische beschouwingen
    2) A guide through the theory of knowledge
    3) Matter and conciousness
    But I don´t know how to manage with payment and delivery :-( Maybe you send me a parcel, and I ask my mother to pay for me?

  2. Jurgen says:

    Hello dear Catrin,
    How nice to hear from you! You know that I’ll drop by in St.Petersburg someday, don´t you? I´m not sure if I´ll make it in time to go skiing, because there are just so many interesting things to do. Also, right now I´m dreaming more about nice warm Croatian beaches than cold Russian winters :-)

    Anyway, you shouldn´t worry about the books! I´m absolutely sure that we can figure something out.

    Take care,

    Ps. Yes, it´s a shame I´m leaving my wonderful garden. But it´s just a small sacrifice.. And anyway, today the weather is perfect for using the hammock, so there´s still time to enjoy the place!

  3. Doeke Zanstra says:

    Jurgen, ik heb wel belangstelling voor de onderstaande CD´s, als ik de plantengieter er bij krijg. Kun je het morgen meenemen naar het Paviljoen? Laat ff via email weten, want ik weet nog niet precies hoe laat ik er heen ga.

    Black Sabbath , Between heaven and hell (1970-1983)
    ACDC , Ballbreaker
    Sepultura , Roots bloody roots (single) 1 euro

  4. Mau says:

    Hi Jurgen, maybe you don´t remember me but that´s OK. I´m Mauricio from Mexico, you were the first person I contacted when I started to plan my next exchange to Groningen, is good to hear finally you´re reaching your dream, but I guess I won´t meet you, just in case I decide to go to Russia, but that´s a bit far from my plans. Anyway, just in case you´re interested on visiting someday Mexico you know you have a place to stay here in Cuernavaca. Have an excellent trip and a good party, too. And yes, you are right, it´s gonna be quit difficult to me to go to the party, lol.

    Take care and enjoy life!

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