Hiking along the coast

Saturday 17 of September

It’s very early morning as I’m sitting on top of my home for the
night, a concrete bunker located at top of a 40 meter cliff. Up
here I slowly get some warmth back into my bones, while staring at the
morning spectacle of the sun rising over the Northsea. At moments at
these life is very enjoyable and I just lay back while the sun is
getting warmer.

While my plans were to start hiking on Thursday on the moors of North
Yorkshire, I somehow found myself in the seaside village of Bridlington
on Friday. There the sea was tempting as were the trails which run on
the beach and over the cliffs. So, I’m just hiking for a couple of days
until I’ll head off for London. I’ve got a map of North Yorkshire,
but not of this area, and to make matters more interesting I also don’t
got a tent. Interesting. How will I manage?

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5 Responses to Hiking along the coast

  1. Wouter says:

    Ah, just don’t stress, and enjoy :)
    Your charms will get you anywhere you want :P

    First \o/

  2. Gerard says:

    You will find a way to stay the night somewhere. I wander when you will arrive to Londen. Greetings from a very sunny Portugal. Gerard

  3. Wieke says:

    A bunker… you’ve slept anywhere now, haven’t you? Nice to be able to read how you are doing!

  4. Alexa says:

    goed gedaan en veel success aan jij!
    groeten van rusland.

  5. Harm-Jan says:

    /me verstuurt zijn ver-huis-doos per UPS aan Bridlington.. Mocht je dr niets aan hebben, kan je m altijd nog inleveren voor het statiegeld ;)
    Maar das maar een optie.. ik denk dat je met je skillz ook wel bij wat mensen durft aan te kloppen? Ben benieuwd hoe je het ‘geen-tent-probleem’ hebt opgelost :D.

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