Setting sail!

Well, today, the 7th of September, I’ve still to arrange some
things like getting insured and such, but this
midday I’ll finally start with the real trip! I’ll
hitchhike to the city of IJmuiden where I’ll try something new –
hitchhiking by boat! I hope to catch a ride with a private boat and
experience a ‘real’ channel crossing. It’s Wednesday today and my
first plan is to be in Hull (UK) by Friday. It’s very
exciting to be finally taking off. I know I always get to my destiny
when hitchhiking, but how will this boat hitching work out?

And after Hull? Well, I’ll be visiting a friend in Scotland and do a
life coaching workshop in London. If the weather stays good I might
probably do some hiking and biking. But really, in the end planning
everything really isn’t necessary! I don’t doubt for a minute that I’ll
meet many interesting things and people on my way. Just go! That’s all
there is to it…

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8 Responses to Setting sail!

  1. Wouter & Ragnhild says:

    Bon voyage! Doe de wereld de groeten :)

  2. Gerard says:

    Very good to see that you are now realy leaving “the Netherlands”.
    I am curious by what means you will be able to cross the channel. Is swimming a option(wink). I hope that you succeed to arrive safely to the other side of the Channel. Keep the information-flow comming to this website. Greetz

  3. Catrin says:

    What is “life coaching”? Is it something like “getting ready to start living”?

  4. Esly says:

    Well, I am very curious about the results.. It is Sunday right now, so did you make it before Friday? Or did you have to swim? I hope you will have a good time!


    ps if you are looking for a great host in scotland, let me know! i had a guest from there and he was GREAT

  5. Wieke says:

    Hee Jurgen,
    while envying you for sailing the Channel while I stay in Holland, I wonder whether you know where you have left the sugar spoon? You used it when you made Roberts cake :)

  6. Jurgen says:

    Hello people, great to hear from you! I´m sorry about being slow and short in posting, but usually it´s just difficult to get internet access.

    @Catrin: life coaching is the art of helping people reach there goals, you can read something about it on

    @Esly: Thanks for the tip, I may or may not go to Scotland..

  7. All well so far. I´m travelling with you too (reading your entries) and we haven´t even met yet!!!

    Wishing you the very best luck on you journey, as it, surely, will be nobel as well as awesome, and those you´ll cross path with, will be enchanted and delighted for having met you, and you, likewise; thus enriching you experience far better, till the end.

  8. Robert says:

    Hey Jurgen,

    I can almost feel the sunset when I read your story. I would like to read the book about your trip.
    Not worrying about anything is usually the best way to succes. You´ll be allright, I´m sure of it.


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