Wednesday 21 Sept. – Monday 3 Oct.

You see here a strange item...

What’s next?After just a month I’m already leaving Brittain; today I’ll be
hitchhiking to Paris (probably without a three day sea-crossing!), and
I’m wondering if somewhere in the near future I should try my luck
going all the way south to sunny Gibraltar to find a job there.

Autumn is coming! I hope you’ll all enjoy it :p

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8 Responses to London!

  1. Esly says:

    so you can practise the french celine taught you? :-p

    (and I LOVE autumn ;-) )

  2. Wouter says:

    Ah, moving on! By boat again? Or will you go for the tunnel, since you expect to be so fast?
    Weird picture… Reminds me of “there is no spoon” and “ceci n’est pas une pipe”, to get you in the mood :)

    Bon voyage!

  3. Wouter says:

    Btw, surfing along I saw by chance that Paris has an interesting hidden feature: the Petite Ceinture… An abandoned railway that takes you in a circle around the city. So you don’t have to get bored :)
    See for pictures

  4. Ragnhild says:

    Have fun on the road, and enjoy Paris!!! Gibraltar sounds like a good plan for the autumn… :)

  5. Arne van den Boom says:


    Es sieht ganz okay aus Jurgen. Bezueglich deine Geschichte, hab es leider vergessen zu lesen. Mist!

    Bon chance France. -mais! Servus!


  6. Wieke says:

    Waiting anxiously for a new entry on your weblog!

  7. Wouter says:

    Yup… Still checking every day

  8. Gerard says:

    Back to the mainland,perhaps a better climat without a tent! Is it so, that at the end of this month you must be back to Groningen for your study? If you go to Gibraltar and you have some time before you go there, you,re more than welcome to come by in our house in Portugal!

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