Moving forward

Lille, 23 October

Many things are happening in my life and sometimes my head is spinning. I’ve spent a warm night in a 24-hour gasstation, a cold one in a haystack and many more nights in the cozy atmosphere of friends places. I visited Paris for a week, worked on a very old farm in the middle of France doing some urgently needed repair works, got a lot of fresh air, went back to Paris, but now, here in Lille, I’m finally preparing to really go to Spain. There many interesting things to do, but in the end, I’m looking for some direction in my life and at the moment my main goal is to find work, a place to stay and start my coaching training.

In the meantime I’m very grateful to all the wonderful people I meet on the road. I do meet a lot of interesting people and for this I’m glad, because the sights I see and the adventures I have are in no way as important for me as the people I meet.

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  1. Wouter says:


    Great to hear from you again. Guess the coming-back-to-Groningen part was a rumour (for now)…
    Good luck with your plans, I’m positive they’ll work out just fine.

  2. Frank Verhart says:

    Through my contacts I have learned that Jurgen is currently in Luxembourg ;-). I wonder how he likes the Letzeburgische Sprache?

  3. Arne van den Boom says:

    yo gozer!

    snap niet dat zoveel mensen engelse reacties neerzetten, erg leuk en aardig, maar is een beetje overdreven toch? Website in het engels is trouwens klasse, kan iedereen het lezen. Enfin, boeiend, ik zit die heerlijke synthesizermuziek van je te luisteren, erg relaxed. Alles kids hier in Duitsland, het wordt weer koud weer, heerlijk! Heb trouwens kamer gevonden in Grun, Westergracht heet het volgens mij, erg gezellig voor een semester. Enfin, veel succoso, ik check je, reis ze, houdoe!


  4. Gerard says:

    You are going south, in a week or so I will go back to Groningen because of selling our sailing ship. But at the end of November i will go back to our place in Portugal. I hope you will find your destination to stay a while.

  5. Wouter says:

    @ Arne: Jeg synes faktisk ikke at det er s rart Æ snakke ett sprÆk som alle her forstÆr. Synes det er artig Æ lese hva andre har Æ si, og slik kan jeg det. Dessuten kan vi reagere Æ hverandre uten at det skal Ære noen som ikke “er med”… ;)

  6. Esly says:

    hahahahaha! as far as i understand, i agree :-D

  7. jurgen says:

    Wouter, I don´t have a clear idead when I´ll be back in Groningen. My best bet (it´s a risky one!) is that I´ve some business there around april.

    Gerard, I´m wondering how it´s to live in a country where it hasn´t rained for so long.. By the way, I don´t now if I´ll visit Portugal, but if you tell me the city in which you´re house is located I can always contact you when I´m in the neighbourhood : ) Good luck, selling the boat, I hope you make a nice price!

    Frank, you´re contacts are not entirely right. (Who told you this rumour?) I´ve passed by Luxembourg for now.. We do meet a lot of the same people though! Matthias from Dusseldorf told me you visited a big international party at Nijmegen. How did you enjoy it?

    Arne, wat ben je van plan? Ga je een tijdje in Groningen wonen? Wat de taal betreft, ik vindt het in ieder geval erg leuk om hier verschillende talen te lezen. Er zijn trouwens redelijk wat Engelstalige vrienden van mij die zo toch wat te lezen hebben als ik een tijdje niet update : )

  8. Frank Verhart says:

    Hard to say since it was my first large meeting (>20 HC-members). My feeling is that I prefer smaller scaled meetings.

    > (Who told you this rumour?)
    The ‘last login’ note on CouchSurfing.

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