Back on the road!

Well, it has been enough nomading around Holland and soon I’ll be of to meet some friends in other places! This weekend it will be Antwerp, next week Aschaffenburg, Vilnius later this summer and only god knows what other places I’ll be ending up. So yes, that’s right, no hitchhiking to Mongolia just yet!

This trip I’m really well prepared – I already got my insurance two days before departure, instead of one hour before like I did last time! Well, of course I did have plenty of time to plan my trip while I was avoiding studying. Nonetheless, after many months in Holland I finally did all three exams needed to finish my bachelor. I’ve no idea wether I passed the last one yet – but it doesn’t matter, it really is time to go on the road again.

This time I even took a tent (with thanks to my good friend Robert), and this one should be even more comfortable then the one I got in Spain from Janelle and Kamil. It’s just luxury of course, but I think I’ve passed the challenge of travelling tentless already, and am now quite happy to take my own portable and cozy home with me.

I felt a bit odd about leaving by taking a free train (thanks to my student card) to get to Belgium, somehow it’s just not right. Carpooling is not just about saving money; it’s mostly about meeting people and enjoying the random scenery of the road. But apparently it will be really sunny weather, so of course I’ll go hitching instead of taking the public transport! Like my friend Frank says: “All these cars with empty places are going there anyway; it would be a waste not to use them!”

Being homeless is in this way a lot like hitching; there so many people having empty couches that it would be a shame not to use these! And it’s really, really interesting to have so many different housemates all the time. Having so many houses doesn’t help getting organized though; my belongings are scattered in many different places. Life really is easier when you’re just living out of your backpack!

So that’s what I’ll be doing again, and I’m feeling very, very happy about it! All my friends rock, so I love the fact that I’m going to meet so many of them. Besides meeting friends I’ve many, many ideas about what I want to do and where I’m going. But, talk is just talk –
what really matters is what you do.

Thanks to all my friends in Holland for the good company – it was great to see you again!

Love & peace,

Ps. Here you can find a couple of pictures of my final month in Holland.

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3 Responses to Back on the road!

  1. Wouter says:

    Enjoy and be safe :)
    Say hello to the world from me!

  2. Wieke says:

    Jurgen, I’m really proud of you, for the way you worked so hard to finish your study. Cheers for you!
    Have a good trip. I hope to see you again in the future.

  3. Esly says:

    Have fun! I guess a lot of people in the Netherlands (and the rest of the world) will follow your trip and wish they were you… So enjoy!


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