Slovakian hills

And life goes on… all the time. From Regensburg to the couchsurfing collective, and then onwards to Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Zvolen. Every place, and the journey in between, has some amazing encounters, new experiences and new ideas. At this moment I’m living and working in a small farm in the Slowakian hills. It takes 40 minutes to walk to the nearest village. The surroundings are amazing, we are almost on the top of the hill, and since I usually get up at six this is a good oppurtunity to wake up with a sunrise.

Yesterday I learned how to insulate a house with mostly natural materials (straw, clay and sand) and got really dirty while doing it. Which was no big problem, because Wednesday is one of the two weekdays on which we can take a hot shower. The shower is heated by fire, and this way both wood and water are conserved. Which turns out to be useful, because yesterday evening our main well ran dry. It is life on the countryside…

It’s a peaceful place, and I expect to be staying here a while before I move on to Poland and Lithuania.

In the meantime I’ve got some photos online of other places I’ve been – you can find the link on the about page. Here you can also find a link to my last location in case you’re wondering where I’m at.

A friend wrote a story about some travelling which we did together. It must have been the slowest hitchhiking I’ve ever done! The week before I travelled with Martin (CZ) and Mike (USA) through Austria, and this hitchiking was exactly the opposite – so easy and fast, that I wondered if it could indeed be any easier. And it did in fact – when travelling with Kathlyn (USA) from Hungary to Slovakia. I don’t recall ever getting so many lifts without having to wait more than 2 minutes for anyone of them.

It’s the spontaneity of the road.

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  1. Arend says:

    Hi Jurgen,

    Sounds like your dream of working in a rural area has come true! I wonder if you are still planning on travelling to Petersburg to learn Russian.


  2. Esly says:

    By the way, nice article in the Leewarder Courant!

    Have a nice time!


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