Two September 2005. My footsteps echo through the house, which is now totally empty, except for me and my two guests from Vladivostok. This morning it’s not just they who’ll be leaving with their backpack, it’s also me who’s going away. The first hitchhiking destination will be my parents place. And then? My destination is unknown and planning is nearly non-existing.

I just know that I need to go. I’ve no insight whatsoever in my current financial situation, and I’ve got no home, no work and no belongings to return to. The only thing I do have is the faith that I can and will deal with whatever happens.

Now it’s already one year of nomadism. One year of constant travels, one year of homelessness. What happened?

Almost everything from my camping matress to my sandals has some damage cause by one of the many campfires. I saw many different ways of living, and felt how it is to have total freedom. I’ve been hungry and cold when my money was near zero, and I’ve found a certain level of financial independence. I’ve made a lot of friends, and even a couple of enemies. I found my soulmate, and lost her again. I’ve had some really high times, and some really low ones. I saw lots of different corners of my own mind. I had a couple of romances, and to little serious love.

Living like this is amazing. I learned a lot about myself and how I relate to the world. I did worry sometimes, but always all problems got solved one way or another. Right now I’m fully confident that it will be the same in the future – I’ll be absolutely fine wherever I choose to go.

Over time the journey changes. For one thing I’ve said to many goodbyes to too many great people. I attach to the people I like, and I find it difficult to see them go. It is time to stay in one place, or, more exactly, one group of people for a while.

Still the journey continues, and I’m not going back to Holland. Sometimes I’m homesick, and not for my country of birth, but for Spain, a country where I found many things I really appreciate. So this might be where you can find me in the future. Still, I want to do some other things first. And the very first thing will be a Vipassana meditation course in Serbia. It’s a technique for freeing yourself from the constant harrasment of your own mind.

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6 Responses to Nomadism

  1. inwit says:

    Oh, I’m so glad to hear that!! Let me see you around Granada some time, myman! Greetz!

  2. ploenk says:

    Hi Jurgen,
    I really love and admire your courage and braveness. Although it seems that everything you did and do feels very normal for you.
    I read your stories every time, and every time again I ask myself if I could en would do something like this myself. I hope I can find my courage and braveness one day.
    In the meantime: you’ll have to travel, explore, learn and have fun for me too! Hope we’ll meet again. You still own that orange hat? If not, I’ll buy you a new one! :D
    Bye bye!

  3. Hi Jurgen. My jealousy on you is reaching big heights. Damn, you made a great step in life. I feel more caged than ever. Hope to see you on a next campfire. Hugs!!

  4. Wouter says:

    Ah, welcome back!
    Do continue your blog though, you’re hard to keep track of irl :)

  5. Marta says:

    that’s a really great summary to have after one year. Nice to hear you’re thinking of Spain, come with a visit to Orense, I’m moving there next month:) take care

  6. Glb says:

    Sometimes I feel like I need some way to understand myself… My own mind and my desires are still unundersnandable for me… Probably roaming around the world is the only way to deal with it…

    Best luck,
    from busy Kiev

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