Half way over the Bosparus I throw my last Bulgarian coin overboard – it flies through the air, hits the water, and I watch it turn over and over again below the water before it dissapears in the depths. I hope it will bring some more good luck! Not that I really need any more, life is already very kind to me. (Let’s hope that life’s not listening though!) So many beautiful things are happening that drinking caj with a friend (under palmtrees at the mediterean sea) is just an intermezzo inbetween other more interesting happenings.

I do have more to tell, more to share, and I will be doing it some other day. Perhaps I’ll be taking a couple of months after settling down, to write some of the more interesting stories. Right now it’s like writing a story while I’m living it – it doesn’t work! Spending time on the internet takes me out of my rhythm, and spending enough time on the internet both to write serious stories, and to give serious replies to the emails I recieve is just to much. (Even though I do love reading the emails I recieve!)

So for now, if updates are rare, or stories written in a hurry or appear with a lot of typo’s: just realise that this nomad is out there getting some real life education, which includes a lot of random encounters; many, many stories of untold kindness, friendliness and generousity; new and exciting perspectives on life; a lot of insight in my own future, my own position in this world and what I can mean for it while I’m here.

Some of the things you just have to imagine for now are the countless enspiring, unique people I meet on the road; the dreams people share with me; how I was travelling a couple of days – from the Ukraine to Serbia – without any money at all, and discovered ways to still get all the things I need; how I got rid of a lot of negativity in my life by practising Vipassana meditation (this is something which will become a major aspect in my life!); how I had an quarterlife crises while on the road; how I saw old friends again after 5 years in Sofia (and how they have realised their dreams they were having back then); how I recieve hospitality from friends and strangers (Muslims mostly nowadays) and how I myself influence the life of the people I meet in little, but usually positive ways.

I wish you all the good luck you need!

Friendly greetings,

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6 Responses to Luck

  1. Frank Verhart says:

    You’re talking typo’s? Well, when we were near you were talking a lot about a big city called Warsja or something like that… That was more like a speako… Anyway, some nice photos, which again encouraged me to show up on a Rainbow meeting (at least in Ardennes or sth at a similar distance from M-town). Ha det bra!

  2. Robert says:

    He jurgen, goed weer wat te horen. De Bosporus is in Istanbul, niet? Leuk om te horen dat je in Sofia bij onze vrienden bent geweest. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het met hen gaat.

  3. Brendan says:

    You rock Jurgen. I am refreshed by your nomad perspective, as I am settling into a temporarily sedentary lifestyle. keep it up man, you give us all a wonderful example to follow.

  4. Harun says:

    Hi Jurgen,
    I took your greetings and got very much pleased. I hope you are fine. I think you traveled Turkey much, and enjoy. Maybe you are at Israel now, I don´t know.
    I´m fine. But I seperated from my girlfriend the day when I saw you last. That day, me and my darling met in Izmir, but it was last. After feast I turn back to Edirne. Everything is OK but my girlfriend…
    Now I read books everytime. Every kind of books. In order forget her. But I can not. Do you have any receipt for this?
    Anyway it is good to hear about you. I hope you enjoyed Turkey and hours with me and other friends. We are always here. If you visit Turkey again, I would like to bring you my home..The photo of yours and mine is attached to this e-mail. Don´t forget about us. See you.
    Best wishes,

  5. vasilis says:

    where i can find caj….and what exactly is??..something like tea?? plz answer me

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Vasilis,
    You´re right, it´s like tea – a small cup of very strong black tea, usually drunk with a lot of sugar. (Very different from for example Indian chai…)

    Friendly greetings,

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