Hitchhiking in Turkey often seems as difficult as finding food in a supermarket – not a huge challenge! One sunny day I find myself hitching with my new 40 kilometer sign somewhere on the southcoast as a car with two Turkish women and one Dutch guy stops. They take me on a scenic tour with high rising reddish mountains and beautiful views of the mediterrean sea which shows some tiny islands in a blue sea. It’s a twisty road, and we pass trucks which are packed twice as high as their real height, and still contain some relaxed Turks on top of the load.

Maurits invites me to a climber happening near Olympus, and this is where I spent most of last week. Living in treehouses, drinking wine at the overgrown ruins of a Lycian village, cooking one evening at a place where stone itself is burning (and has been doing so for thousands of years), and of course a lot of swimming in the mediterrean sea!

Now I’m in Antalya and while Ramazan Bayram is over the Turkish hospitality still is very warming. Today, just three minutes after saying goodbye to my drivers, I already found myself drinking again some cay with a friendly shop owner.

It’s now five o’clock, already dark outside thanks to winter time, and time to travel onwards.

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  1. Vrijdag 27.10: tankstation Kruisdonk, Meerssen (via vluchtdeur) lift na 5 min. naar tankstation Groote Bleek, Maarheeze, lift na 10 min. naar Vughterweg ‘s-Hertogenbosch, na 3 min. lift naar Nieuwkuijk.

    Zondag 20.10: A59 oprit 47 ‘s-Hertogenbosch Noord, lift na 3 min. naar tankstation Velder, Boxtel, lift na minder dan 10 min. naar Meerssen centrum.

    Take care ;)

  2. Brendan says:

    Sounds amazing Jurgen, I envy you. I met a man a few weeks ago who was walking from cape cod to ohio, I grilled him for information, and all that he spoke about life on the road gave me shivers and let me live vicariously free for a few moments. then I decided I needed to go home, so I dropped him off and bid farewell. that’s how I feel when I hear your stories, hungry. I’ll see you later, have fun.

  3. Wieke says:

    Turkey sounds good!

  4. Sander says:

    A burning stone? :S

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