Middle-East travelling

I’ve now spent two weeks and one birthday in Israel. A country many people only know from the news – news from which, of course, only a very skewed reflection of reality is created.

Reality finds me in a beautiful and, up to now, quiet country where hitchhiking is even more common and easy than I thought (to make travelling easier road signs are tri-lingual: Hebrew, Arabic and English).

Good people are plentiful as always, banana fruit is ripening in the banana plantations, dry mountains are now green because it’s winter (it’s now cold enough for things to grow), the days are short but hot, and sometimes leave me wishing for an ice-cream shop and here and there a date-palm offers an oppurtunity to sample some fresh dates. I now find myself staying with Itamar in Degania Aleph, the first kibbutz (1910) of Israel – although almost everything of the original kibbutz structure has disintegrated now.

My birthday on Friday the 17th (which was somewhat extra special as it happened to be on Sabbath) was spent in the woods – new friends sang well wishes in Hebrew, I sat at the campfire listening to Simon & Garfunkel songs and there was also some amazingly good weather involved. (I think I’ll be subscribing to this to-hot-for-a-t-shirt weather in the middle of November!)

Many thanks for all the good wishes from those who suprisingly enough remembered my birthday! Hopefully there will be a good opportunity for a real party ;-)


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  1. Hi Jurgen,
    Happy birghday…actually i don’t know how old are you exactly.
    17-th November was Holiday in Slovakia it was day back in 1989 students in Prague and Bratislava started revolution against comunism.
    I didn’t celebrated it much but next year I will hoply we can celabrate it all togerther :-)

    Israel is base of psychadelic trance music, i know some israelis living here in Slovakia.
    I always wonder about Jew comunity, i lived in middle of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, but I never get chance to speak much with them and get to know them better.
    I go to Italy for Chritmas and New Years, finaly some real CS experience from other side of the river :-), Im looking forward to it.
    Where you will be at that time?

    Cheers Ondrej

  2. meinhard says:

    happy belated birthday, jurgen! :) i hope i will soon make it to the way-to-hot parts of the middle east, too. istanbul has this so and so weather at the moment. sunny, not too cold, not too warm. but i better get moving.. cheers!

  3. brendan says:

    Happy Birthday Jurgen!

  4. ploenk says:

    A very warm happy birthday from me as well :)

    Oh, you know, I’m going to be in Groningen this weekend to celebrate Sinterklaas, too bad you won’t be there to join us..

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