Christmas time!

Life can be so easy!

I always knew that I could go and live in Granada if I wanted to. Now I decided to actually go and do it. However, I wasn‚´t very much looking forward to having no place of myself while hunting for a room, and, more importantly, to spending Christmas and New Year without family or good friends nearby for the first time in my life.

But somehow things always figure itself out (of course!).

Half an hour after being back in Granada I somehow get dragged into some Erasmus student party. There I meet a lot of interesting people, and after half an hour and some cups of Sangria some friendly Polish girls invite me to their Christmas party. Great! It won‚´t be a Spanish Christmas experience, but anyway, nice people are more important, and moreover, I‚´ve never celebrated a Polish Christmas either… Luckily enough I do manage to get their contact details, because a couple of hours later the police drops by, and make a well very sudden end to our party, causing me to lose track of some other nice people.

A couple of days later I‚´m staying with Manuel, a friend of a friend of mine in Groningen. He‚´s a great guy and without asking he knows what I need, and gives me loads of good tips: “Here, here‚´s the phonenumber of my friend Daniel. He‚´s living here far away from home with some other Colombians. If you contact them, they will be most happy to take care of you with Christmas.‚¨ He then goes on to offer me his room for 3 weeks, while he‚´ll be away for Christmas himself. Great! I accept and try to offer him some money, since I‚´m looking to rent a room anyway and he has to pay for it even while he is not there. But he ever so graciously refuses, telling me that the room is really cheap anyway, that he has to pay anyway and that money is not a problem for him at all this year.

So what can I do? Just graciously accept the kindness of the people who help me with small and big things, without accepting anything in return.

In the meantime, it seems I‚´ve got a real postal adress until early January, so anybody who wants to grab this rare oppurtunity to send me something (how about a Christmas card?) should feel most welcome :-)

I hope you‚´re all enjoying the December month – happy Christmas / happy Hanuka / happy December!!! Also my best wishes to my brother Dennis, who‚´s a lot further away from home then I am. Take care bro!


(Link: Dennis his travelstories) in Australia.

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8 Responses to Christmas time!

  1. Sander says:

    So, what is the adress then? :P

  2. Wouter says:

    Lol :)

    Yeah, what is it :)

  3. jurgen says:

    Sorry guys! Since it is just a very temporary adress and not even my own, I rather not publish it on the internet!

    Happy Christmas!

  4. Mark says:

    Hey Jurgen!!

    Well I would be happy to take up your offer. It looks like you finally packed the bags and start fresh in a new country. Thats great man! I planned to go to Andalucia in 2007 and now I have more of a reason to do so! It would be nice to meet up once again. I would like to stay longer but with work its hard to get away but even a short weekend would be better than nothing. Dont you agree?

    Well I will keep in touch.

    Wish you a safe new year.


  5. edan the israely guy says:

    ohh jurgen .. you know if i cood i wiil having with you this christmas time but you so far away..
    but i can say only that me & sefi wishing you the best time and we want you to know that even when you feel a little bit lonesome .. know that we always
    with you singing and drinking tea and looking at the beautiful stars at night .. wishing you the best edan & sefi your friends from the rainbow!!
    happy hanuca!

  6. Hi Jurgen :)

    Wishing you a very happy and merry New Year out of Kozy at the foothill of the Small Beskids (Beskid Maly, Kleine Beskiden) in the south of Poland, while staying at the place of “schodek” (away to Bonn however) with “brownies” from Szczecin/Knurow and sometimes “imnariel” from Bielsko Biala.

    Here’s bits about my trip to Poland;

  7. PS. I’m moving on to Poniatowa one of these days, to meet up with Magdalena “pioska”. “…” = HC user name ;)

  8. David says:

    I just remembered you when I was looking through my hospitalityclub and now I smile when I see that you spend your wintertime in andalucia :-)
    It is so amazing what happens with life when you just open the door to chaos!
    All the best and lot of experience and magic moments.
    (we met in Bratislava last August – you encouraged our desparate hitchhikersoul)

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