Settling down

City life proved a bit to much for me after all. One night I wake up in the pitchdark in a friends house – which is totally empty except for me. I imagine the walls around me, since I can‚´t see them. In one corner there‚´s a small window though, where a tiny amount of light is seeping in. The look out of this window I know very well – it‚´s a small indoor square with 20 meter high rising walls all around. Which in the end is not so different from the view out of the living room – walls on the other side of the street, and concrete and cars in between.

Allthough it‚´s great to be comfortable, have bread, tea and warm food readily available, I feel there should be something more to choosing a specific place to live then this. And definitely I need nature around. Of course there are more reasons to live in the city; a warm place, a warm shower – both unfortunately are often missing though in the Spanish houses which seem to be built for summer (with open entries from the kitchen to the balcony for example) and not for the winterfrost which also occasionally occurs. But besides this, people are important for me, and the coaching study, for which I need internet and telephone access.

I need to find a way to make this work, but in the meantime I‚´m enjoying life in a free/alternative/hippie/whatever community in the mountains south of Granada. Plenty of nature, plenty of music, plenty of hot tea, plenty of people, and other good things are around.

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4 Responses to Settling down

  1. Frank Verhart says:

    Sometimes city life can be convenient for me. Last weekend I found myself hosted in Brussels, while we made a party in the center of Maastricht related to “Revelation of the Prince of Carnival”… Ronald I was unmasked at 15:33 on the Markt square in Maastricht.

  2. brendan says:

    I have to find a way to make it work too. I’m moving to new york city in a few months, and I don’t know how I will survive. just try I guess. I just need to try something new, and this is one thing.

  3. Remco says:

    Sometimes I think I should live a little closer to the “randstad”. But my current appartment is quite relaxing. No noice. Waking up and seeing squirrels running through the trees.

    Next week I am going to live a week in a hotel. I never feel to happy about it. I think it kind of lacks the freedom/fun I have at home.

  4. Frank Verhart says:

    Hey Remco, you could invite some friends to visit you in the hotel, or stay over! And if they complain about you having people stay there, well, you probably get paid for it… or just find a place to stay in that city with really nice people :)… and leave the hotel for what it is… (just cash anything you can cash on it or sth). Live!!! :)

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