Leaving Andalucia

It’s Thursday, the 24th of May. Since the days and nights are hot the windows are wide open and thus I wake up to the sounds of a busy morning in Granada. I’m staying here with some students, one friend from Poland and another from Italy. At breakfast I meet them, and of course they ask me what I’ll be doing today. I reply that’s it time to leave beautiful Andalucia with it’s palmtrees, lazy Spanish, delicious tapa’s, and great alternative atmosphere in the street. It’s time to go south, make some stops to visit an old friend from meditation in Malaga, see the small English settlement on a rock on the south of Spain, and then hitch a boat to Africa. This continent is so close, how could I ever have waited so long with going there anyway?

The Polish friend, Wojtek tells me: “Just a minute, I might have a sign you can use.” He dissapears in his room for a short while and then hands me an A4 paper with “MALAGA” written on it in big black letters, and some smaller curly Arabic writing which he says brings good luck. I take the sign and my backpack, and go to the edge of town, a place which some friends claim is a good spot. I find myself just next to some busy intersection with fast cars, almost no place to stop, and some rundown houses besides the road. I don’t like it all, and feel like going elsewhere. So I grab my backpack and start walking back, before I realise that actually it is actually a long walk back to the city centre, and I might as well at least try to hitch a ride.

So I do, for some 30 minutes. Unsuprisingly, no car stops. Of course, since I’m not even really convinced myself that I actually want to arrive in Malaga or Gibralter. “So what do I want then?”, I ask myself. The answer presents itself immediately – go to Berlin! There’s a huge beachcamp there, where many old friends will show up. Last year I went there as well, hitching from Holland, and met a lot of amazing people there, besides having simply a great party. Since the camp lasts only four days, starting today there’s no time to hitch however. So, I go to the internet and look for a cheap flight from somewhere in Spain to somewhere in Germany. Even though I don’t like flying at all this time it’s the one solution for a traveller with little time. Somewhere in Spain turns out to be Sevilla, and somewhere in Germany turns out to be Frankfurt am Mainz. Well, at least that’s only 600 kilometers to Berlin, in a country where it’s easy to hitchhike. So a long trip, a couple of rough nights and I find myself in Berlin, meeting old friends, playing frisbee on the beach, partying like crazy, exploring the limits of how much sleep I really need and participating in a “Free Hugs” campaign on Alexanderplatz.

One week ago I wrote an email to a friend that soon it would be time to really settle down and have a steady life for a while, and that there are three cities where I can actually live: Granada, Jerusalem and Berlin – all cities with a special vibe. In Granada I’ve already been, Jerusalem is many thousands of kilometers away, while Berlin is right here. It’s not Africa, but who cares? Plans change, you’ve got to stay flexible. So, I’m now looking for a room right here in Berlin.

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5 Responses to Leaving Andalucia

  1. Wouter says:

    Well, good luck then..!
    Funny that you should end up (for now) in the one place in the world to which we actually hitchhicked together. Take a Berliner WeiƒÆ’…¸e for me! :)

  2. Dear Jurgen!

    I miss you!

    Peace * * *


  3. Sander says:

    Hmm, playing frisbee, think I’ll go and do that with Lotte :) Hope you’ll come to Groningen again sometime.


  4. chris says:

    a hug is flying over to you from sighisoara, romania!

  5. ploenk says:

    Oh,I completely missed Berlin Beach Camp this year! :(

    I hope you find a room soon, I’m planning on visiting Berlin with my sister later this year ;)

    Take care!!

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