Living in Ikaria!

Dear friends,
Just as a quick update; I post one email I send to a fellow hitchhiker we met some months ago at the gasstation of Michendorf, Berlin:

After almost a whole moon spent on the island of Ikaria, Greece, I got back to Athens and easy access to internet… It’s really nice reading what you’ve been up to and hearing how you manage your nomadic life!

I also spent many nights outside – in caves, under trees, on the
beach, etc. No city lights & no moon – so it was amazing to look up at the night sky which is covered in stars. Some people told me Ikaria is
a kind of ‘robbers’ island, and it’s definitely got a good feeling to
it. Met some great people, one time I came out of the high mountains
tired and cold and within 10 minutes of getting to a sleeping village
some good people invite me to their home. From there I started
hitching, and the first car to pass, an old lady with a dog, stops.
She points to the back of the pickup truck, I hop in, and enjoy the
fresh air and great views as we drive down close to the sea, up
through the high mountains and dodge the many goats which are roaming
the roads. She lets me out in Levkada, an awesome place where there
are hot springs in the sea. Of course I jump straight in for some
total relaxation… And just when I start wondering where to sleep I
meet four Spanish, German and Greek people whom invite me to a friends house, to stay in a house without electricity, but with home made wine, olive trees, and lots of home grown food…

Everything flows easy, and it’s been some good times. In the meantime
Danielle found some work in a field she loves – working with injured
animals. She’s been staying at an animal hospital in another island,
I’m heading there for a few days of work on Monday.

In December we should be back home for some weeks, I’ll be sure to let
you know what’s going on!

Take care, and thanks for staying in touch,

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  1. Nana says:

    Hi Jurgen, great blog you have there! You made me have some serious thinking. So I refered to your latest blog entries in my own blog. I hope you don’t mind quoting you. You write so well.
    I think I may have seen you in Ikaria. I visit that island very often to roam the nature. I am a trekker.

    Wherever you are, I wish you lots of good lucks.

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