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Turning 30 – living in Greece

Being in Granada in Spain was wonderful: enjoying the warm, winter sun and sharing wine with people from the caves. Camping in the mountains in Israel was amazing: sitting around the campfire, gazing at the stars and listening to friends … Continue reading

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Living in Ikaria!

Dear friends, Just as a quick update; I post one email I send to a fellow hitchhiker we met some months ago at the gasstation of Michendorf, Berlin: After almost a whole moon spent on the island of Ikaria, Greece, … Continue reading

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Some major partying

Back to university for a while – the first of february I subscribe myself as a student, and already the third I pass my first exam. But my feet keep itching, especially now, when it’s Carnaval time again! So near … Continue reading

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Some minor torturing

My mother is patiently feeding me kiwifruit with a spoon while I’m lying in a bed in the guestroom of their house. Just sitting upright already takes a lot of effort and I manage to eat for as much as … Continue reading

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Minor update :-)

My old weblog tool was somewhat time consuming to use. Whenever I tried to change something small the site would stop working and it wouldn’d start again until I hadn’t changed the whole site design by trying to nail the … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Holland! / Party Saturday 27th of August.

Just about one year ago I gave my housewarming party. Now already I’m leaving the house and giving a goodbye party! Of course, I’m not just leaving my house – I’m also leaving Groningen and Holland (for an unlimited time … Continue reading

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